On-line economics education?

A loyal reader writes:

I’d like to expand my economics knowledge. However, as I just finished 4 years of night school, I do I want to start another degree program in a brick and mortar institution.  Indeed, my wife would likely divorce me if I did.

Do you know of any reputable on-line Masters degrees in Economics?  I need something more structured than independent reading but less time consuming than attending class. I am not that concerned if the degree and/or the granting institution is not generally accepted in the Econ field as long as the content is sufficient.  I do not plan on using it as a major résumé item.  I am skeptical of online degrees, but that cannot mean all are worthless.  I’ve googled the subject, but I do not have enough information to pick the good from the bad.  Any information will be appreciated. 

I have no idea.  Readers…?  Comments are open.  In the early days of MR Alex argued that professors will soon become obsolete (and follow up here) as technology like CDs and podcasts of [fill in your favorite economist] come to dominate the market.  I said no way, there is something about having the person right in front of your face that triggers your biological "pay attention" alert mechanisms…


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