Which countries have the best and worst flags?

Virginia Postrel directs us to this more-revealing-than-you-might-think question.  Look here.  But I cannot fathom their decision to rank the Gambian flag number one.  My personal favorites have long been Brazil ("Order and Progress", maybe you have to have been there) and Haiti, in part for the story of how they took out the white from the flag of France.  Japan and Switzerland are good too, iconic you might say.  The moon and star in the Turkish flag for a long time seemed cool to me.

Here are the losers, they are the most fun to look at.  The flag of Mozambique, with its AK-47, might come in last place.  The Falkland Islands flag is another lemon.

Here are the research papers of the Otago guy who evaluated the flags.  Here’s the guy’s grading system for the flags.


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