Canadian (signaling) markets in everything

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Telegrams Canada will write your telegram for you—or at least suggest gram language for appropriate occasions. The “Get Well” suggestions include “The office/this place is just not the same without you,” and “Your many friends here are hoping for your quick recovery.”

The service isn’t cheap. A same business day telegram costs CAN$19.95 plus 99¢ per word. “Quebec usually next business day,” the company advises. “Rural routes and post office boxes may take longer.”

Here is more, a fascinating story about supposedly dead media forms which remain in existence.  Via The Browser.

1 Rahul July 13, 2011 at 11:51 am

We just heard the news – congratulations!

It’d be interesting to see them transmit that exclamation mark over real telegraph. I don’t think there’s a symbol for “!” is there?

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