My thoughts on food

The Baltimore Sun interviews me on food, dining, and globalization. Here is my favorite bit:

Sociologist/food scholar Alice Julier of Smith College says she’s not sure if Foodland is characterized by more abundance or just the absence of clear authorities on how to make choices.

“There’s sort of a continual argument going on,” says Julier, who will not be attending the conference. “There’s a pastiche of voices speaking to what’s good and what’s not.”

In the din is the voice of Tyler Cowen. He knows the complexity of it all, yet a brief conversation with him suggests that on one level, at least, it’s simple: Try the China Star, order the Szechuan chili chicken.

Read the whole story, as they say. Just don’t put down your Szechuan chili chicken.

Addendum: Here is my on-line ethnic dining guide for the DC area, which includes a longer review of China Star.


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