(Super) Markets in Everything

Exercise while shopping for food? How ironic, how wry, how soooo post-modern. Surprisingly, it’s not a work of art – it’s a British shopping cart.

The Trim Trolley (yes, it’s really called that) is about to roll into the aisles of the Tesco supermarket in Kensington for a trial run.

The futuristic, £500 shopping cart has a large center wheel with 10 levels of resistance that make it increasingly harder to push. Handlebar sensors (just like the ones on gym equipment) rate heartbeat, time, distance, and calories and fat burned. German cart company Wanzl designed the trolleys expressly for the Tesco chain and says a 40-minute shopping spree can burn up to 280 calories. That’s pretty close to what you achieve on a machine at the gym.

Thanks to Marc Andreessen for the pointer.


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