MR and the Google Wars!

Fabio Rojas, a frequent guest blogger for MR, writes me the following:

There is a young man in Northridge, California whose name is “Fabio Rojas.” He’s a computer programmer from the Dominican Republic. Since about 1996, his personal web page was the one to come up first in Yahoo, Altavista and Google when you entered the words “Fabio Rojas.”

As you can imagine, I was enraged. That’s when I began a silent war waged on the information superhighway. Despite my furor and razor sharp analytical mind, there was nothing I could do to fight his influence. I was losing the war to be the #1 Fabio Rojas on the internet.

Althought I set up my own web page and participated in numerous on line forums, year after year, “Northridge” Rojas’ web page would be the #1 Fabio Rojas web page in the world. I was stymied… as an experienced computer programmer, “Northridge” Rojas” knew how to jack up his google rating to an unsurmountable level. There were even times this past fall when my Indiana University professor profile would momentarily get #1 status, only to be knocked down by his poorly constructed and infrequently updated personal profile. He was obviously messin’ with me.

Today, I looked upon the battle field and found that the tides had turned in a most remarkable fashion. I am now the undisputed #1 Fabio Rojas on the internet. “Northridge” Rojas’ has been routed, and barely shows in the top 10 google hits.

And who can I thank for this reversal in fortune? That’s right, the guys at Marginal Revolution. My post on Football and economics seems to still get some hits, months after it was posted, which encourages people to read my profile and thus vanquish the pretender Rojas.

What can I say?

!Viva la Revolucion Marginalista!


Bryan Caplan, our colleague and recent guest blogger, has also been aided by MR in his own Google War. Bryan is the author of an extensive website, The Museum of Communism. It’s an excellent website that he continues to update. Assuming that I outlive him, Bryan has made me promise that in lieu of flowers I will take up a collection to preserve the site in perpetuity! (Logically, he should have asked Robin Hanson to do this but that’s another story).

For a long time Bryan was the number one Google hit on the word Communism but the Marxists later pulled ahead. Bryan’s recent stint as a guest blogger put him in the lead for a while but now I see he is once more number two. So click on the Google link, check out the Museum and do your part to help overthrow the Marxists!


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