Science and arts update

1. What did ancient Greek statues really look like?  Here is one answer, courtesy of Michael at

2. "[Researchers] found that English had more of a swing than French, a rhythm produced by a tendency in English to cut some vowels short while stressing others. The melodies of the two languages also differed, with pitch varying far more in spoken English than French.

The team then did the same kind of analysis on music, comparing the rhythm and melody of English classical music from composers such as Elgar, Holst and Vaughan Williams, with that of French composers including Debussy, Fauré and Roussel. "The music differs in just the same way as the languages," said Dr Patel. "It is as if the music carries an imprint of the composer’s language.""

Here is the full story.

3. Digital analysis may provide a new and near-certain means of distinguishing real artworks from fakes, story here.

4. The UK music industry is seeing record sales performance; downloads, legal and illegal, do not seem to be hurting the sector.  Sales of music DVDs are especially strong.

5. France is putting on a show of Pakistani truck art.


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