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Please do consider Alex’s request for donations; you can give here, at the link or click the upper left link to give via PayPal. To consider your decision, here are a few facts about

1. No one pays us to blog.

2. Blogging does not count toward academic pay raises.

3. Alex and I are the sole owners and beneficiaries of the blog.

We do not expect to make money off the blog, but we would prefer that it does not cost us either.  Could you please help us work toward this goal?  Any sum of money would be appreciated and receive our sincere thanks.

If you are in a position to be especially generous, use the PayPal option (Amazon restricts to $50 max) we can offer you the following:

For donations of $100 or more: an autographed copy of one of our books, your choice.

For donations of $1000 or more: A two-hour conference call with the two of us, on issues of your choice, including consulting problems if you so choose.

For donations of $5000 or more: A day of time from either of us, in the continental United States.

Your contributions through PayPal will be emailed to us.  We are happy to thank you publicly but the default will be anonymity, unless you tell us otherwise.

And if you wish to make a larger contribution, but arrange for a grant through a legally recognized non-profit entity (for tax reasons), please let us know, this can be arranged.

Once again, a donation of any size would be much appreciated and heartily thanked…you can give here…and happy holidays to you and your family…


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