Face Analyzer

The FaceAnalyzer purports to analyze faces and correlate them with personality traits.

By using state of the art face recognition technology, we are able to provide
you with a patented process that correlates certain facial types to personality
features. By applying the most recent developments in the field of evolutionary
psychology, we’ve correlated certain personality traits to key facial features.
This allows us to determine your inherent personal characteristics.

Here is some of what it said about me:

Your main drive is to be admired by those with similar interests to you. Money
and influence is not of your concern.   You are interested and may be active in
certain political movements which you consider to be moral. 

Not bad so far, especially the last comment, but then it started to get downright insulting.

Intelligence: 3.9 (out of 4 maybe but out of 10?  I am crushed).
Ambition: 3.7 – low.  Low ambition?  I’ll show them!
Gay Factor: 1.0 – very low.  Good, I think.  Maybe.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Politeness: 3.2 – low.  Stupid Face Analyzer.  What do you know.
Income: 10-30 thousand.  Hah!
Promiscuity: 6.1 average.  My highest score.  Don’t tell my wife.

and the final blow?  Expected Occupations: Cashier, Unskilled laborer.

Maybe I should have used this first.  And no, I don’t want to show you the picture this was based upon.

Thanks, or no thanks, to J-Walk Blog for the pointer. 


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