DOJ to break-up Marginal Revolution?

Steve Kirchner at Institutional Economics is worried about a bubble in economics blogs.  But he has a solution:

Clearly government intervention is required to bring order to this sector of
the blogosphere and prevent a blog boom-bust cycle from developing.  As a
solution, I propose the nationalisation of blogs, starting with John Quiggin, who can
then educate us all on the merits of public ownership of the means of blogging.

Marginal Revolution will be broken
up by the Justice Department into two separate blogs, one for Tyler and one for
Alex, to end its market dominance.

Ah, antitrust protectionism, it is the sincerest form of flattery!

Addendum: What’s good for farmers is surely good for writers too.  So says Dan Akst in his own solution to the flooding of the market.


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