Alfonso Lorenzo

Last weekend I visited Alfonso Lorenzo — one of the greatest of the amate painters — in a Cuernavaca mental hospital.  Life in rural Mexico can be tough.  Did you know that Alfonso spent several years of his life chained to a wall, and by his relatives?  I asked one compatriot what he thought of this, and received (roughly) the following answer:

Yes, it is sad.  But we have people chained to the wall in most of our villages.

In fairness, if he were not chained to the wall he might well be in jail.  Did I mention that your relatives have to bring your food and the jail is several hours away?

Here are his unique amates.  Yes one is of a naked woman but rest assured it is true art, I believe it is office-safe.  My favorite is the stations of the cross picture.  You’ll be hearing more about Alfonso soon.


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