Liberty Belles

Liberty Belles is a new blog from five young libertarian women ready to take on the world.  I like their Statement of Principles:

What We Want

For too
long, the word on the street has been that the movement for freedom and
limited government lacks its Lady Liberty. Women’s voices are largely
absent from the conversation, despite the calls and catcalls of our
fellow men.

In March 2004, Comedian Drew Carey wrote a letter to Reason Magazine Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie suggesting some strategies for improving circulation:

“To start with, how about some near-naked starlets? ‘The Girls of Reason
or something like that. To justify them editorially, you could have
them holding pencils between their pouty lips while reading books on
privatization. You could also note how much perkier their breasts are
without government interference.”

While we may not be naked
and pouting, our ideas are on display for all to see. We stand for free
minds, free markets, free… Well, let’s say we don’t mind you holding
the door for us, we just don’t want the government doing it.

With Liberty Belles, we blast ourselves into the canon of ideas.

because we simply can’t disappoint, here’s a sneak peek at how ladies
of liberty lead the people. Drew Carey: eat your heart out.

Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People

Go get em grrls!  And don’t forget to check out one of the uber-texts of libertarian feminism, Liberty For Women (I am a contributor).


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