The Revolution reaches Outer Space

At MR we are often told, "We love Marginal Revolution but when traveling the outer rings of Saturn downloading it takes such a long time."  We agree and in order to make our product more easily available to other life forms we now do OSS, Outer Space Syndication, courtesy of Blogs in Space.  This will require certain changes on our part as the producers of Blogs in Space are careful to make clear:

Bloggers who use this site are urged to keep their blogs devoid of any
overt language, comments or content designed to offend, taunt or
provoke alien life forms in any way. Aliens may find your lifestyle,
grammar or the picture of your girlfriend offensive, we just don’t
know. Blog In Space does not warrant that any content transmitted into
space will not be objectionable to alien life forms and will not be
responsible for alien abductions, close encounters or intergalactic

Will OSS increase the audience for MR?  I’m not sure but I do believe that one day entire alien civilizations will devote themselves to the study, appreciation and worship of the bildungsroman.  You think I jest?  Stranger things have happened.

Thanks to Jacqueline for the pointer.


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