Flood Wikis

Visitors swoop down over a map of the Gulf Coast that’s awash in
hundreds of red teardrops, each denoting information about specific
geographical points in the area. That’s pretty amazing in itself, but
there’s more: All of the information on the map has been provided by
ordinary citizens, most of whom presumably have come to the site in
search of information on the flood themselves.

Since Scipionus.com launched
Wednesday, it has become a giant visual "wiki" page, attracting tens of
thousands of visitors who are collaborating in creating a public
document of astonishing detail. "Corner of 1077 and Brewster. Had
contact with parents. Lots fo trees down, but no water damage. No
electrucity and no phone at the monebt 8/31 2:00pm," reads one of
hundreds of entries.

Here is the full story.


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