How to make this year’s NBA season interesting

The standard fantasy is that Antoine Walker is better than his reputation, Jason Williams will fly straight, Shaq isn’t finished, and Miami will flourish.  A more ridiculous fantasy involves Denver, a team with too many green or broken-down players.  When it comes to Houston, Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming will fail coordinate their styles.

My fantasy is that Detroit is underrated.  Hardly anyone is picking them and they are running only seven to eight percent in  Two years ago they won the title and last year they took the Spurs down to the wire.  All their key pieces are in place, no one should be worse, and unlike all the other top teams, they do not appear to have potential chemistry problems.  They are more offense-oriented than before, and the defensive influence of Larry Brown will linger for at least the rest of the year.  Why not?

My second fantasy is that Larry Hughes (and not Lamar Odom) is the Scottie Pippen-in-waiting.  LeBron James will continue his path to being the next Michael Jordan.  Donyell Marshall will hold up and they will trade their stiff and slow center (don’t expect me to spell his name) for a dynamic front court player.  Offer up your own NBA fantasy in the comments, if you wish…


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