Secret blogs

I have been intrigued to learn how many of you have secret blogs.  A secret blog is read by others, but the readers (ostensibly) don’t know who is writing it.  I have been told I should start a secret blog (what was the underlying psychological hypothesis behind this suggestion?) 

What might such a blog consist of?

1. Detailed, quantitative macroeconomic forecasts.

2. Steamy erotic writing.

3. A running and uncensored narrative of my inner mental life (NB: not the same as #2).

4. Exclusive attention to the economics of love, marriage, and sex, in slightly more risque form.

5. The posts I write for MR but reject out of either prudence or fear you will be bored.

The bottom line: This idea will have to wait. 

But if you are willing to write about your secret blog, or "your friend’s" secret blog, comments are open and anonymous remarks are welcome.  Why do people write secret blogs?  And do they subconsciously wish to be discovered by at least a select few?


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