Would you take an architectural pilgrimage?

Donald at www.2blowhards.com nominates some architectural pilgrimages worth taking.  I suggest the Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan:


Here is a brief history, with some stunning black and white photos.  I also enjoyed my pilgrimages to Tulsa and Kansas City (barbecue too).  Buenos Aires has the best public sculptures.  I’ll nominate the Taj Mahal for the most overrated site; it looks just like the postcard and I liked the saris of the visitors more than the site itself.  Here is a picture of Magnitogorsk, which I hope to visit.  Here is a broader index of Magnitogorsk pictures.  Brasilia is another dream of mine, and yes I do find that image attractive.

Here is an on-line version of Ludwig Lachmann’s Capital and its Structure, courtesy of Liberty Fund.


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