A blogging experiment

One MR reader has suggested that I blog more about topics I know little or nothing about.  Let us try an experiment.  The comments are open for your suggestions.  The first topic that is mentioned by three different commentators will be blogged about soon for a few days running, or for as long as I can manage.  Obscene and libelous options do not count, and perhaps I will have to rule out the physically impossible ("what is the best Serbian translation of War and Peace"?) as well.  Who knows, maybe Alex will join in with a post or two…

Addendum: Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.  Read the comments.  If you feel you missed a chance to vote, I will run this experiment again soon.


The Spanish Civil War.

Internet dating.


just kidding.

We have a winner: The Great American Novel.

Free Will

Holy lord, GamblingEconomist. That was one of the most brilliant examples of wit ever seen by man. Unfortunate that you needed to explain it, though I can understand not wanting to be hated.

How about comedy. (economics of comedy?)

Alan Moore's graphic novels

Hey, I like that one, La guerra civil española (Spanish Civil War, that is).

The great American novel - but with a twist - the GAN but only those with an economics or political twist - for example the Gilded Age by Mark Twain.

comic books or women

The psychology of the illiterate (people who are illiterate in a literate society) and preliterate peoples (societies that are illiterate). I know nothing of this, but I always had a hunch that facts and knowledge would be more considerably more plastic - but who knows.

In economics, how about exotic currencies (my term for concepts of currency that may carry extra properties and require an electronic form (price depends on a formula that takes into account age, charity work and current fat percentage) - I am sure you get the idea. Also could involve much more tagging with regard to the history of payments, basically, what kinds of things could be done with currency if it were in a completely electronic form and infrastructure was advanced enough to allow any data that could be helpful to be attached to the currency. [Taxes and tax avoidance would be the most obviously affected.]

"women" ruled out by the "physically impossible" clause. Second the World Cup. What about string theory?

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