Assorted links

1. The Tyrone meme spreads to Liam, and also to my favorite movie critic.  (Tyrone wants to "do Prudie," by the way, but I told him to go start his own blog.)

2. I speculate how Battlestar Galactica should end; dig into about comment #50 or so.

3. Orin Kerr, a mainstay of Volokh Conspiracy, has his own legal blog now.

4. Eric Rasmusen on living standards: "As far as [household] appliances go, it seems that the inflation adjustment is off by at least 100%.

5. From Ben Muse land, wealthy parents prefer popular rather than strict teachers for their students, and here is a new blog about the economic marvel of Mauritius.

6. The fashion trade is looking for copyright protection.


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