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1. Incentive pay to make the buses run on time in ChileAddendum: See also this paper.

2. A review of the new Judith Harris book.

3. Markets in everything: a torso goes for $3,000.

4. James Surowiecki defends pricing neutrality for the Internet.

5. $1000 prize for repressed memory evidence before 1800.  Or was it all just made up?

6. The Dutch show a movie of naked women and homosexuality (tulips too) to potential Muslim immigrants, to make sure they understand the Netherlands is about tolerance.  In Iran only a censored version of the movie — without nudity and homosexuality – is shown.

7. Europe’s free riders, and why the Euro may be headed for trouble.


The Slate article is, unfortunately, already outdated Why? Beginning in Oct. 2005, ,a new bbus system in Santiago was implemented. This system, called the "Transantiago", according to the wikipedia article that I helped edit: "aims to replace an older, chaotic system of public transportation run by thousands of independent businessmen." Basically, in the old system drivers were encouraged to run far over the speed limit and take dangerous risks, having very little liability for the damages incurred to the bus or other cars, but with a huge upside (more passenger turnover and $). The Transantiago has already changed all this, and the "yellow buses"! pictured in the Slate article are being phased out, already in the wealthier areas and more gradually in poorer districts (supposedly the transformation from old to new buses will last until 2010). Go to for more info, ,I´ll try to make another comment after school today.

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