Contemporary Chinese painting

Here are images by a few painters I like:

Feng Zhengjie

Fu Hong

He Sen, who seems to only paint women smoking.

Li Dafang

Wang Xingwei

Zhang Xiaogang

Shi Xinning reminds me of Mark Tansey.  Try his Christo’s Temple of Heaven, Pride and Prejudice, or Chairman Mao in Vegas.  Here is his Duchamp painting, which of course is also about the Chinese fascination with capitalism:



Haha. The look on those two guys' face is pure gold. They're just so filled with wonder and amazement. At a urinal. Nice! Thanks, I got a smile out of that for sure!

Either we have the same book or there is a surprising consensus on the best pictures coming out of China.

I like Square by Li Songsong in particular as well as the Li Dafang work.

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