How to cook blackened fish

Grind fresh white pepper and black pepper in equal parts, and add about three times as much red chili powder, alternatively red cayenne pepper.  Put in fresh thyme, basil, and oregano, each in parts roughly equal to the white or black pepper.  Pour melted butter over your uncooked fish.  Rub in the spices.  Cook the fish rapidly over high heat, as high as you can manage, in butter, hoping to create a crust by searing the spices.  It is yummy even if you fail to create the crust, squeeze on lemon at the end.


What sort of fish? Sounds tremendous for trout, tuna or some other firm fish, but I'm not sure I'd bother with the salmon that we catch in the Pacific Northwest.

April Fools?

Mmmm, I think I'm going to try this with some tofu!

There are some interesting spicy paprikas from
Spain that may be of interest. They have a
smoky flavor in addition to some reasonable heat.

Try them instead of the cayenne.

Don't forget the secret to good searing: cast iron.

Those fancy stainless steel pans don't retain heat well enough, and anything nonstick is too fragile for the insanely high temperatures you need. Copper is great, but this is one place that I don't think the notion of 'marginal costs' needs to be explained.

No, cast iron is the only way to go.

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