Pramoedya Ananta Toer passes at 81

Here is one notice.  I regard his The Buru Quartet as, after Orwell, the great political novel of the twentieth century.  At a deeper level it concerns different notions of what a life consists of.  As you read each volume, your understanding of what has come before shifts radically.  Most of it he wrote while in prison.  Of the living writers he was my "no brainer" pick for a Nobel Prize.  Here are other notices of his death.


His book, Mute's Soliloquy, recounts his time spent in an Indonesian prison camp. It is a book that has shown me how to face difficult times in my life with dignity, though I shall never face the horrors he faced. Here is the passage that has stayed with me the most:

"There are so many bad things that I could note down. Fortunately, good things, too, are eternal; like steam they rise and evaporate before transforming into lasting values that return to earth once again as a guide for living." (page 45)

I will mourn him.

I agree. Buru was an eye-opener for me. great books. I assume your Orwell reference is to the exquisite "homage to catalonia"
and not to the cursed (if for no other reasons that the hideous movies it spawned) "1984"

He is the greatest man of the country. He meant what he wrote. He taught
his compatriots with his human touch. I adore him as an ordinary man
that compasses any man could do.
"Rest in peace, my Hero. Your words will be forever as the 'Footsteps' in
'This Earth of Mandind' to a huge of people."

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