China fact of the day

China is the world’s greatest consumer of dog meat, eating as many as 20 million dogs a year.

…in Beijing, Dog restaurateur Wang Qiming says business is good.

"There are many who eat dogs. Before, young people didn’t, but now they do."

…Restaurants claim that the boom in dog ownership in China hasn’t caused a decline in the eating of dogs.

Chef Zhang Jinxiong says business has never been better.  "Dog meat is a good dish. If everyone misses the opportunity to eat it, in the future they may regret it." [TC: Huh?]

So this is China in 2006, the Year of the Dog: a nation at once embracing the canine as a pet, a way to make money, and as food.

And perhaps, as can only be happening in China, all are booming at the same time.

Here is the story, and thanks to Yan Li for the pointer.

Addendum: MeganinVietnam offers another report, not for the squeamish.


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