Blogging becomes life?

Imagine having to live out what you blog.  Have I stepped into this world?

Here is my post from August:

Monsoon vacations. They are held in India, often Goa, during the rainy season.  "Come Feel the Rain" is the slogan.  The main customers?  Citizens from the United Arab Emirates (annual rainfall 120 millimeters).  They worry if they don’t get enough rain during their vacation.  Here is a hotel ad.  Here is one colorful travel journal from such a vacation.  I like this bit: 

Let the rains plan
Don’t force the pace. Meticulously planned tour itineraries can be reduced to paper-boats for your children to play with in muddy puddles. Let the monsoons dictate your schedule."

If this trend holds up, economics will no longer be my preferred topic of blogging.


Didn't you get the memo? It was on page 2 (page 1 being you know what) -- you've been transferred from econ to food & leisure...

So, Tyler, had any vindaloos there, the home of them as
that is a food derived from Portuguese cuisine originally?
Or have they gotten all washed up and rained out?

Economics is a beautiful thing. What I like even better about these types of things are the creation of desires. I love when an entrepreneur can create an opportunity and profit from not just what appeared to be a non-existant instance, but what in fact had been shunned precisely because of its existance!


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