Economics of the World Cup

Kottke passes along many links, check here and here.  Sort through it yourself.  This is not my cup of tea but some of you will love the material.  I’m still trying to figure out who will win this NBA Finals with massive mismatches.  When in doubt go with the team with the single best player, and that has to be Dwyane.  The betting markets though had Dallas at about 59 percent.


Speed matters in this series, and when speed matters, depth matters. Mavs in six.

If you go by coaching, experience almost always wins in the playoffs/Finals. This year will be an exception, I think. Mavs in 6 (maybe 7).

DaSagana Diop can slow down Shaq enough, Dirk is better than Dwayne, Dallas in 7.

what? no one cares for soccer here?

Finally something you are not interested in Mr. Cowen.

I agree with DanK, none of the Heat forwards can guard Dirk, however the Mavs can put Howard or Griffin, both good defenders, on Wade.

I am genuinely excited by this final match up. Pure talent, edge Miami. Integrated team, edge Dallas. Each beat a legit contender on their way (Spurs, Pistons).

I think Shaq is motivated to stick it to the lakers for choosing Kobe. When he's motivated he'll be the best player on the court, regardless of FT percentage. I like the Heat, slightly.

NBA series are generally not terribly difficult to predict, and this one is no different. Mavs in 6.

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