1. On inequality, Krugman responds to critics and Samwick adds further commentary.  I’ll note that the "marginal products" of big changes in government, society, technology, etc. are not always well-defined.

2. Tower Records is bankrupt again, and this time the stores may not survive.

3. In case you missed it, there is now very strong evidence for the existence of "dark matter."

4. The genetic causes of autism — do they lead to early brain inflammation?  Have I mentioned that my mother was instrumental in founding and running a care home for autistic children?  Among other things, I use this blog to send her the latest news on the topic.

5. Seven puzzles: find them here, with solutions, and one of them is explained by GeekPress.

6. Virginia Postrel in Forbes, on why median incomes are not stagnating, here is a summary and a link.


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