Does blogging improve our lives?

I’m not talking about BlogAds revenue or better chances to write Op-Eds.  I mean our lives.  Ben Casnocha writes:

…I recently had a great solo dinner in Rome. I had a
terrific companion (newspaper) and good food. About 1/4 of the way
through this thought crossed my mind: "This is an awesome meal. I’m
going to blog it." I did. I was committed in my mind to making it a positive night overall, and it did end up that way. In sum: when
I know I’m going to blog an experience, I’m committed to making it a
positive experience, and since intention and reaction mostly define the
quality of an experience, it usually turns out positive.
True, I
could always commit to having positive days each day, but knowing I
will blog something introduces a weird form of "public accountability."

Ben is an excellent blogger; here are Ben’s impressions of France.  Is he right about blogging? 


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