What do CEOs and other notables pay attention to?

Janine Benyus, author of Biomimicry, has a good answer:

"As far as my media diet, I’m a hoover for print and will read whatever blows my way … I find New Scientist to be the best sci mag. Also subscribe to Wired, Onion and Resurgence. I use a feedreader to keep up with about 35 sources (news digests and blogs). We have an extensive, active backchannel portfolio of blogs for the Biomimicry Ravalli Republic.
POV: Nightline, Daily Show, NOW, Comedy Channel Presents, couple of
Showtime dramas. Love stand up comedy for its honesty and pathos about
the current state of things. And, of course, I can waste away my youth
surfing the web. Love living in this era."

Joe Tripodi of Allstate has another good response:

"I’d summarize as: Read about it; experience it; observe it. I get a ton of e-mails every day from Media Post, Brand Week, Ad Week, NYT,
etc, etc. I try reading books about the ‘new world order,’ but find
they are virtually obsolete before I finish them. Experience it! You
have to walk the talk. I have iPods (regular, Nano and Shuffle), three
TiVos (sacrilege, I know, but time is too short to watch all the
commercials), 8700c Blackberry, DirecTV, HDTV, etc. I try to spend time
regularly on new web destinations, especially those generating some
buzz. Observe it! I have three young children (10, 8, 6) and learn more
from them than any new-media ‘guru.’ They sit near the epicenter of
this ADD economy. Recently they’ve been swept away by the cultural
Tsunami called "American Idol." Lots of gaming, surfing, texting, etc.

Remember Barry Schwartz?  He is the guy who wrote The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More.  Here is his answer:

"Frankly, what I do is ignore new stuff as long as I possibly can. I
let the rest of the world force me to do new things just to be
compatible with them. My view is that anything that doesn’t last at
least three years after its initial appearance isn’t worth knowing
about. But I’m an old-fashioned guy."

Puts the whole book in perspective, doesn’t it?

Here is the whole story.  Thanks to Tim Sullivan for the pointer.


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