Pumping Neurons

So I’m in the local Best Buy and I see that the Nintendo DS has Brain Age on display, it tests your "brain age" with a series of mental exercises.  Heh, I’m up for a workout so I run the game which does things like show you the word blue but written in red and you are supposed to say the color (not the word).  The store is noisy, however, so the damn microphone isn’t picking up my answers.   It gives me a brain age of 95!  What the #$$!%!.  So I run the game again and this time I’m shouting into the machine, blue, red, no I said red damn it, green, green, green…  Well, I managed to get my brain age down some but by now people were looking at me real funny.

    Anyway, if you want to try some of these exercises you can now join an online gym and workout at home.  The Washington Post has a brief review of some of the sites including MyBrainTrainer, Happy-Neuron and Brain Builder.  Of course, you know my recommendation for the best website to improve your brain power.


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