Six-word stories

Hemingway’s was "For sale, baby shoes.  Never used."

Norman Mailer, David Lodge, Robert Olen Butler, and others try.

Caterina asks her readers.  My favorite from the comments is:

She watched the world end.


I’ll try "Demand sloped up, Harry is naked." 

How about you?


Bobby Fisher makes antisemitic radio shows.

An "A" student at Columbine High

staying here STOP send children STOP

Indian engineer in America; drives taxis

She looked. He winked. She blushed.

The sequel is:

"How does lunch sound?"

Firing, Gurbrok laughed "Economics? Pah!"

Ripped from the headlines:
Little man. Big bomb. Sun sets.

Hemmingway's is superb, as is Tyler's pick from the other comments. Several others are good, but too many try to summarize a story in six words rather than write a story that's only six words long. My effort:

"Release me!"



"Never again."

Finally, but it was too late.

She left. He wept too late.

They laughed, sat and hands met.

I second hamilton. Andrew's third haunts my attempts.

Assassinated economist's dying words: "Markets in ..."

"What? Only six words? What a..."

He looked too late. She's alone.

It sounded easy, so was failing.

Brewwery for sale, priced to move.

Seeking ride to New York, one way.

Oh, and I posted this at one of the other sites, but my guy wants me to post it here too:

"Oppression, revolt, chaos, commonality, progress, oppression."

Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Christ, Cross, Consumation.

Breakfast Chez Moi?
Cornflakes then.

I don't drink.

Not enough.
You'll make it.

Worth a try, but I don't think anyone's beating Hemmingway at this one. Nice stories, though.

-For the first time, nothing happened.

-Once in a while she calls.

-Perfect, she's not wearing a ring. (Do contractions count?)

-I'm not likely to succeed either.

-Lived to be ninety. No regrets.

Clearly the best method, as shown by Hemingway and (in his pseudo-intellectual way) Mailer, is to invoke a maximum of external context to support the story. Witness Roger Waters's five-word story, "Two Suns in the Sunset".

So, what are some heavily loaded words (or two-word phrases)? Hmmmmm...

"Warming. Bangladesh vanishes, Calgary supplants Vegas."

"Her choice could never be unmade."

"Goldmans to trailer park. Damn Spitzer."

Head hurting, he again vowed abstinence.

He [penitently] applied ice to her [eye]. (I know that is cheating.)

This is depressing.

How about -

She smiled, it was pink.

I like that one better.

This reminds me of haiku.

Doubled over, vomiting grass, Nebakanezer


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1. "Throw strikes!" Gone. Cubs go home.
2. "Where are you, mom?" "Here." "Good."
3. "I do." "I do." Let's go.

Hemingway's is universal, not mere context.

Didn't know six words had power.
Enough with the hopeless love stories.
Serial six word comments shouldn't count.

Diamonds, perfect; never see the world.

Love is eternal, while it lasts. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Sorry Ivan.

Felt it. Got some. Blew it.

He's sadistic, she was a masochist.

But you said you were infertile!

God doesn't love you, I do.

It tasted good, like sweet kerosene.

Oily Labrador ash floated upward. Bye.

Hold on... One. Word. Story:


Stories don't seem to be true.

Take the gun, leave the cannoli.

No go, goes in Germany again.

Could it really be that small?

His last unmade bed, we leave.

New apartment empty; s**t in transit.

Seven shots. Or eight? I forget.

Any grandchildren, Casey will be providing.

inspired by Camus's short story:

Rock rolls down again. Sisyphus happy.

I have seen starships on fire...

Look! Look! inside the bag. Aaaggh!

Haha, Caliban.

"Main screen turn on. It's you!!"

Leaving home now. Never coming back.

Economist to Saint Peter: Where's Adam?

"Hey Ram".

Despite his importance, he deserved assassination.

Incredulous, he read the article again.

"Well, S equals D".

No blue line appeared.
Rachel exhaled

My effort is:

Born, died on the same day.

...No one ate the birthday cake.

If reading this, you're too late.

Running. Don't know why. Mustn't stop.

I am stuck. Please send help.

The fiery ship passed from sight.

And that's how I became king.

Lights. Wake up. I wasn't dreaming?

Funny taste. What'd you put in--

Or less?

New house. No Family. Bliss.

Cheap computer: comes with free virus.

I have a few:

This is a very short story.

Don’t worry, I’ve died twice before.

†¦then he ran out of ideas.

Life is a game of chance.

The last thing I saw was†¦

His last words were: It’s safe!

People are bad for the environment.

Sory, mi spelin is veri badd.

This story has six words.

Life: Born, play, study, work, die.

Elasticity of demand left him limp.

Empty Nesters: "Now we can swing!"

Co-ed learns professors can rape, too.

Govenor's pardon arrived a little late.

"Cruel and Unusual? It's only pie."

Or, you could go with Weird Al's take on George Harrison's "I've got my mind set on you":

This song's just six words long

Eos-the fleeting twilight of morning.
Afraid, I feel like Schroedinger's cat.
Fear held me like a rope.
He turned around. She was gone.
Life is like a fleeting butterfly.
Is this reality, or a dream?

I hope you like my six-word stories. Please don't take them and say they're yours, because they're not.

Santa runs into Death once again.

For Pam:

Loved, lost, courted death, chose life.


You ? Wait ! Last summer.. I'm sorry.

i could think of this

he read his obituary with confusion

Born by accident, died on purpose.

Exponential growth quandries best planned strategy

dont you see the fire honey?

Isnt Clancy in love yet...mother?

Erm... an attempt? I don't think they're really stories...

- The light press of pale fingers.
- And the shadows stretch for miles.
- Her eyes, the colour of skies.
- There is always the distance between.
- The letter; crushed in his hand.

Last words: look Ma, no hands!

life is short; start with dessert.

don't follow - i walk into walls.

look! it's a gullable pink elephant!!

nah, i'm only kidding. but serously.

why do COWboys ride on horses?

that's about it from me. peace.
(i didn't actually mean that to be six words.. haha)

Camouflage, kisses, betrayal. Detective grabs lunch.

From seeds to seedlings to redwoods.

They loved, then lost. Way overrated.

Clouds gathered, spit, wept and drenched.

Bishop moves right, murder left. Checkmate.

Soldier's grave, Family alone, others live

Hate it when parents are right.

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