1. How long could you survive in outer space?  Longer than I had thought.

2. What is driving European demographics?

3. Brad DeLong despairs.

4. Markets in everything, Britney Spears edition, it is an analysis of Antigone.  Really.

5. Kiwi leader (and quasi-libertarian) Donald Brash resigns, amid tales of a secret Christian sect.


That's encouraging! It's what many of wanted when we voted for gridlock. We don't want any new stinking programs! Keep the Republicans and the Democrats at each other's throats so that no new spending or policies, and hopefully no new wars, happen.

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The article about survival in outer space was fascinating. I also read all the comments and it reminds me how little we really know about the world outside of our little planet.

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it is an analysis of Antigone. Really.

Yes, Antigone! By Rex Warner! I think Britney works in my local bookstore.

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Re: Brash.

Kiwi leader? Until-recently-leader of the largest opposition party, yes. "Leader"? Not so much.

Quasi-libertarian? Only if you smoosh "quasi" down to really thin fractions. Case in point: the medievalist Christians he was cosy with. The election campaign he lead for his party last year was an exercise in trying to wed economic conservatism to *social* conservatism -- in an effort, obviously, to try and glom together both sorts of groups that might not be happy with the current (Labour) government. That sort of mix just doesn't seem very "libertarian", to me.

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