Assorted links

1. The Euro is disappearing, but not in the way you think.

2. There is a growing backlash against remittances.

3. The top 100 photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, which now has a new lease on life; thanks to Chris F. Masse.

4. New empirical findings on sex, scroll down a bit, I am not talking about the top story on female promiscuity (although you can read that too).


I've looked through the study mentioned in #4, and I have one comment:

cultural response bias

I'm not sure to what extent the observed differences reflect differences in behavior vs. differences in willingness to answer. For example, in some countries, the consequences of admitting to premarital sex can be quite severe. I have serious doubts about the researcher's ability to separate these effects. Nothing against their competence; it's just a very difficult problem.

Hmm. I can't read the full article, but with respect to #2, the blurb does not mention my main objection to remittances-as-welfare: They remove the incentive for the home country to improve their local institutions.

RE: Hanson >Doesn't the average have to be the same?


Robin Hanson,

You are correct. It always drives me crazy when people write this sort of thing.

That said, it could be true in a way. In a closed world of 1000 men and 1000 women, and each male has had exactly 10 (female) sex partners, then the mean average sex partner number for women has to be exactly 10 partners. But the distribution doesn't have to be naything close to symetrical. You could have 900 women with 1 sex partner each, leaving 100 women to divide up an total of 9100 unaccounted for partnerships, or a mean average of 91 each. While one partner each strikes me as way too low, the general ratio fits in with the stereotyped notion that women who sleep around a lot get labeled sluts while historically men don't get that label.

In other words, women who sleep around tend to sleep around much more than men who sleep around do.

There is also another much simpler explanation. Women lie more often when asked such questions because they were more often raised to believe such behaviour is wrong, while the men may exagerate (upwards) the number of partners they have.


It depends on the ratio of males to females in the group.

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