Assorted links

1. The new free trade environment, here.

2. Stephen Bainbridge returns with three new blogs.

3. Evidence for the Cowen thesis on attractive women?

4. In a drawn position, Kramnik overlooks mate in one; this is perhaps the most remarkable chess blunder of all time.


When was the last time a reigning world champion was actually checkmated? Not just chess: that's perhaps the biggest sports blunder of all time.

Re: the new free trade environment:

This is why I am completely unable to pull the donkey lever, no matter how repulsive the Republicans get.

The Dems are simply on the wrong side of trade policies, education privatization, regulations, and every other issue of importance to economic prosperity.

In the case of this year's sorry crop of statists standing for election, I felt forced to abstain.

"They" being the Republican Party leadership.

King g8 seems sound


Are you claiming that there is something inherently bad about free trade, and that we have "too much" of it?

In regards to Cowen's thesis on attractive women:

Tyler Cowen could not be more right. Right now my brother is in Beijing working to get a fiance visa for his chinese girlfriend. He met her while traveling at a "Gringo Bar" where the local women are specifically looking for wealthy tourists to take them to the states. And not that my brother is wealthy in LA where he lives, but in asia he can live like a fat cat.

And speaking with my brother he confirmed this hypothis in Cambodia, thailand, Vietnam and other south east asina countries he traveled. All the tourist bars in these highly traveled countries are packed with attractive women looking for the winning lottery ticket. So if you feel you dont have the wealth in this country to attract women, take a vacation to china or somewhere in south east asia.

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