MarginalRevolution on Facebook

It is now a group with seven members — "Marginal Revolution = Steroids for the Brain" — maybe you can get through this link.  I’ll try to join myself, if I can figure out how…


Tyler/Alex: if you want me to take the image down due to copyright (I am the group creator) please let me know. Thanks for joining, Tyler. BTW the group "most related" to the Marginal Revolution group on Facebook is, not surprisingly, "Honoring Milton Friedman".

Also, as of 11:30 EST, the group had 80 members. A 10-fold increase....

The George Mason University network of Facebook also has a Tyler Cowen fanclub, titled "Tyler Cowen Rocks My Face Off". Unfortunately for non-Mason students, you have to be part of the GMU Facebook network to join. Good group name though.

David: as I noted in the comments on the Polonium post, 138 is also the half-life (in days) of a certain radioactive element. This is getting spooky.

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