My favorite things Indiana

A brief trip it will be, but here goes:

1. Music: Michael Jackson is from Gary, and his most underrated song is "She’s Out of My Life."  There is also Cole Porter (overrated in my view, compared to Jerome Kern) and Ned Rorem.  Wes Montgomery has a few good albums, usually they are live; it is a shame he wasted his immense talent on muzak.

2. Literature: Sorry, but I find Kurt Vonnegut unreadable, and don’t tell me about Harrison Oberon.  Dreiser?  I’ve never read Newton Tarkington, who wrote The Magnificent Ambersons.  I’ll go with Philip Jose Farmer and his Riverworld series.

3. Painter: I am only slightly fond of Robert Indiana (yes he is from the state), or for that matter William Merritt Chase; here is my favorite Chase painting.

4. Favorite small town: Alex recommends Columbus, Indiana, for wonderful architecture.  I defer to him.

5. Movie, set in: Hoosiers and Breaking Away do not sit well with me, so help me out if you can.

6. Blogger and libertarian crusader for civil liberties: Radley Balko.

The bottom line: I don’t even like James Dean.  Radley is great, but my favorite thing Indiana is in fact Liberty Fund.


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