Assorted links

1. How to network, for "introverts"

2. P.J. O’Rourke, On the Wealth of Nations, in bookstores now.

3. Is Vista worth your while?

4. "It would be healthy for everyone if the academic curriculum broadened its scope, if the lineage of conservatism were consolidated into a respectable course of study – that is, if Hayek won one-tenth the attention that Foucault receives."  Read more here.

5. A new book on income and wealth.


For what it is worth, the Wired article on Vista is very poor.

As someone running the RTM of Vista, it is not something necessary, but it is a significant improivement. MOre importantly though, are the foundations that Vista includes (WCF, WPF, WF - these are also avilable on XP, but included in Vista), on which future programs will be built - in that it is actually an enormous step forward despite the fact that MS dropped some even more revolutionary features that had been planned (WINFS).

Hayek was not a conservative.Why am not a conservative? Is the postscriptum of Constitution of Liberty.He was an old whig ... a libertarian

The Hayek/Foucault piece is a bit silly, for several reasons. For one, Hayek is read quite a lot in philosophy departments (at Penn we've read him in a number of classes and Foucault is only rarely found), political science, etc. Hayek probably isn't much read in English departments (the author's field) but is that really surprising? Also, towards the end of his life Foucault himself was fairly interested in Hayek- something the author seems not to know at all. This shows in a way both that Hayek wasn't a conservative in any traditional sense (nor a libertarian- he was a 'classical liberal' which is importantly different from a libertarian) and that Foucault wasn't really a leftist in any very deep way- he'd been called a "young conservative" by Habermass, and while that's also not right, Foucault was much more an anarchist than a leftist, and certainly wasn't a liberal. Really, it was quite a dumb article.

Dave: Booooring. What does your comment have to do with a lively conversation and not making my eyes glaze over with your self-satisfied Mackery?

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