Marginal Revolution Goes Avant-Garde

David Morris, New York City theater artist and long-time reader of MR, is one of the creators of Routine Hearing: Exercises for the Body Politic.

Exercises for the Body Politic
moves to the beat of an original score featuring the luminaries of
political oratory.  From the golden oldies of Goldwater and
McGovern to the modern sounds of Limbaugh and Moore, your headphones
will set the stage for this auditory grand ballet.  Enjoy a glass
of wine, a game of cards and the company of your fellow citizens as one
of HERE’s favorite design teams–David Evans Morris & Juliet
Chia–hit shuffle on the political soundtrack of 21st century.

The lastest installment of Exercises will feature selections from Tyler’s paper Self-Deception as the Root of Political Failure.  Alas, no selections from your truly but if Nixon going to China can become an opera I have high hopes for the musical, Believe in Pascal’s Wager?  Have
I got a deal for you!

You can get tickets to Routine Hearing which plays Jan. 2-3 at the above link.

Addendum: Here are Tyler and I on An
Economic Theory of Avant-Garde and
Popular Art, or High and Low Culture
(JSTOR link).


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