The most overrated books of the year?

Here are some picks, including by yours truly, but mostly with a British slant.  The top three "winners" are:


The God Delusion Richard Dawkins


The Blunkett Tapes David Blunkett


Everyman Philip Roth

You’ll also find a list of underrated books…


Interesting lists. Some of the judgments are, on the face of it, a bit strange. For example, Pico Iyer, a writer I love, says:

"The most underrated book of the year is surely Alentejo Blues by Monica Ali (Doubleday). It is not a great novel, and it lacks most of the depth and almost uncanny wisdom of Ali’s debut Brick Lane."

Well, it must have been *really* badly reviewed if this faint praise makes it "the most underrated". Similarly, several reviewers nominated Roth's _Everyman_ as the most overrated book. I thought it was a good but not great book, and nothing like as good as, say, _The_Counterlife_. Again, "most overrated" != "bad".

I don't think THE GOD DELUSION has been "overrated" by religious readers. ;-) Actually, I thought it was pretty darn funny.

I'll go on record as saying that Sowell's Basic Economics and Applied Economics are highly _underrated_ in my opinion. The same for Hazlitt's Economics In One Lesson. Can you imagine if every high school senior read them?


Not only do I agree with you about the three books you mentioned, I'm working my way through Sowell's other books. Vision of the Anointed is another good example of his clear thinking and writing.

like, oh my gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd. that is feking stuopid. i love god of delusion. ya'll r stuopid.

i htinK:

1. breaking dawn
2. the host
3. i don't know

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