Creative Destruction Hurts!

You can’t find "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" at the
Fairfax City Regional Library anymore.  Or "The Education of Henry
Adams" at Sherwood Regional.  Want Emily Dickinson’s "Final Harvest"? 
Don’t look to the Kingstowne branch.

It’s not that the books are
checked out.  They’re just gone.  No one was reading them, so librarians
took them off the shelves and dumped them.

Along with those classics, thousands of novels and nonfiction works
have been eliminated from the Fairfax County collection after a new
computer software program showed that no one had checked them out in at
least 24 months.

First Tower, now this.  In any case I do not think they are using the correct algorithm; here is more.  Circulation figures, by the way, have become a bargaining chip for more government funding.  That, plus growing demands on space, explain the ruthless culling underway.


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