Measuring the social impact of corporate behavior

The latest?  Do The Right Thing…a community driven site that collects information about the social impact of a company’s behavior…

How it works: Company names are submitted by users for a 60 day evaluation period, similar to an IPO evaluation.  During this stage the crowd pulls any information, historical or current, relevant to a company’s social performance.  At the end of that open period – a social performance score is created.  Right now there are 54 days left on the evaluation period for Starbucks, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods Market.  And after the 60-day initial rating a company’s score can always change as new information is collected.

Here is more.  My fear is that this will favor corporations with good public relations, damage corporations which benefit foreigners and the (non-Internet connected) poor, and damage corporations whose benefits are not especially visible to the public eye.  How many people will post "I bought my rubber ducky at Wal-Mart and saved thirty-four cents, thereby helping to employ numerous poor Chinese and lower global inequality"?

Here is one critical posting on the site itself.  Here is another.


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