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1. Paul Krugman against ethanol

2. Tying all six Star Wars episodes together

3. Is the Euro popular?

4. 3-D world map, based on economic activity (Flash player required)


at times i wonder what would it take for bush to do to make krugman agree with him.

The critique on ethanol is widely known and held by people who are well-informed. Corn-based ethanol isn't going to be a workable solution for meeting our energy needs or reducing emissions. Corn-based diesel might be a more effective use of corn, although our current corn farming system is loaded with problems which go beyond energy.

Does anyone know of studies done to assess the true cost of ethanol produced from corn, factoring in the subsidies to corn farmers, or of comparisons across various dimensions of ethanol, gasoline, and other alternatives? Thanks!

Ethanol does not need to be corn based. Grasses and others can be used too.

To the person looking for analysis of the costs of corn based ethanol - there has been a lot of analysis of this issue. Google Pimentel (from Cornell). Pimentel is more pessemistic than others - IIRC a major difference is if you assume that the corn used to produce ethqnol is from fiedls yielding much better than average (an assumption ethanol proponents make) or from fields yeilding an average amount. If you assume that that ethanol uses marginal corn production, it seems to make sense to assume that corn yeilds will be less than average.

My apologies for the typos. I have never commented here before, and I can only see about half of what I type on my screen. (Any idea why?)

Thanks very much for the pointers Derek and Greg!

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