Someone who sounds like Megan McArdle

If we cannot discount the interests of the fetus simply because it is not yet with us as a person, then how can one morally justify legal abortion as a coherent national policy?…I find it hard to construct a really compelling argument in favour of abortion which does not rest in some way on discounting the utility of the fetus-as-future-person.

There is much more at the link.  This is a real ouch, her barbs are directed at left-liberals but they do not stop there.  In my view we should subsidize births, keeping in mind that the long-run is the relevant time horizon.  I also believe a free and wealthy society will, at some point, have many more people than the alternatives, and on an ongoing basis.  As for what kind of restrictions on abortion are a good way to subsidize births, that is a very tricky question, especially keeping in mind I am not a pure utilitarian but rather a pluralist…I am not in Chicago to debate it with all the other economists as we are celebrating Yana’s 17th birthday in Miami…


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