Diet and politics

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’08 elections. where Kurzweil and company are most right and most wrong. veganism/vegetarianism/cave man diet/pescatarianism/organic.

1. Yes it does matter who wins but my gut reaction is to compare candidates to soap commercials.  At the end of the day there is a soap bar in your hand, but interest in the topic is driven mostly by our irrational side, programmed to respond emotionally to human faces and characters.  Candidate blogging usually bores me.  If you are figuring out who to vote for, try to predict a politician’s ruling coalition.  The current political question is whether the bad tendencies of Bush 43 are one-time or represent a shift in the political equilibrium and what it takes to govern; I think it is about 50-50 in each direction.

2. Here is my earlier post on the singularity, try to spot the facetious sentence.

3. I have nothing against eating animals per se, even live ones, but I think it is immoral to eat animals raised under awful conditions, such as factory farming.  Personally, I often try to be good but I often fail as well.  I never feel bad eating meat in Europe, and animal welfare is the best argument for European farm subsidies.  I will pay more for humanely-raised food, but I won’t drive through ten minutes of extra traffic to get it. 

4. For a diet I recommend fish, nuts, fruit, green vegetables, and lots of braised pork belly.  At least that’s what tastes good.  Few processed foods are worth buying; I come close to the caveman diet view without being dogmatic.  A good bread is not to be rejected and come on, can rice really be that bad for you?  Just avoid all junk foods.

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