Edward Cumberbatch

Eddie wants to continue improving the quality of his performances but does not envision himself as a full-time professional singer.  A life on the road, a continuity of auditions for roles do not fit his preferred ordered lifestyle.  However, should an opportunity arise to work with a famed Music Company he would welcome the experience.

Edward Cumberbatch is a national treasure of Trinidad.  I heard Eddie in concert about ten years ago, in a high school auditorium in Port of Spain.  His sister played piano.  I was blown away by Eddie’s voice and his stage presence.  He could sing anything from gospel (his origins) to classical to swing.  His creole version of the love duet in Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love remains one of the musical highlights of my life.  At the time, Eddie seemed like a more compelling artist than Domingo, Bryn Terfel, or any of the other voices I have heard in concert.  But mostly he sings in his church choir for no remuneration or even fame.

Joshua Bell’s Washington Metro performance has got me thinking more about Eddie.  Is Eddie an undiscovered vocal genius?  An unreliable charismatic who swindles the ears of lesser mortals?  An eccentric who simply refuses to step into his rightful place on the global stage?  A beneficiary from low expectations, who would choke if given a recital at the Met?  A wise man who knows where true happiness lies?  Here is more on Eddie.

I was shocked when I read in the program notes that Eddie also has a Ph.d. in Physics from Indiana University.

I continue to believe in him.  Can I go through life not doing more about Eddie?

Addendum: Read this article on how social forces influence our evaluation of music.


PhD or Masters?

Are there any recordings of his music?

I don't know anything about this gentleman but what I've read here, but my guess would probably be for "A wise man who knows where true happiness lies." I've known a number of very talented musicians, who, for one reason or another, opt not to choose music as a primary career. Perhaps none of my friends is as talented as Dr. Cumberbatch, but they are not necessarily less talented than others who do go on to be professionals. They just prefer other careers that are, to them, more rewarding than that of a professional musician. I can't say I blame them.

Most of these people end up participating in music somehow, whether in church music, community choirs/orchestras, garage bands, or occasional solo gigs.

I second jovw's comments. I have a friend who is a professional
musician. He decided to major in music, with a minor in math and
physics (the opposite of Eddie.) He does OK, but probably would
have been happier in the long run working for his father, who is a very succesful
investor and financial planner, and doing his music for fun.

Being a paid musician is a lot closer to consumption than employment..

American Idol has shown that there is a lot of commercial singing talent out that there that the music industry was missing. I suspect the music industry is particularly corrupt and inefficient. In contrast, the basketball industry is probably better at identifying talent simply because extreme height is so rare and obvious.

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