Elton John baits my view on globalized culture

Conservation organisations say that St Mark’s Square in Venice could be damaged by two concerts to be staged there on 5 and 6 June by British pop star Elton John. The concerts are part of Sir Elton’s Red Piano tour and will coincide with the opening of the Venice Biennale.  Although the City of Venice has not yet granted official permission for the concerts to take place, tickets for the events are already for sale online.  Prices start at 200 euros with the top advertised price set at 1,000 euros.  Around 5,000 tickets are available for each event.

Note it is the crowd which would damage the square, not the concert itself.  Here is the story.  Venice was splendid, and Yana, who came along, enjoyed it as well.  I learned you have to walk, from the square, about twenty minutes to arrive in any part of town which could at least vaguely be considered "real."  Thirty minutes, if you take away the quotation marks and demand the actual real.


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