J. Galt’s provocation

A loyal MR visitor, J. Galt, asks:

I challenge you to write a blog post of decent length without the letter e

This woman might add: words of this woman don’t count, no spilling mistaiks aloud, and do it quickly, no agonizing with a dictionary.

This is not hard.  An author from a Gallic land — I can’t say who — has a total book in this fashion, so a short blog post is snap.  In Tanzania I find lots of corruption, lots of monopoly, lots of bargaining, but not much gross national product.  Just think what will occur.  (Tanzania is a cool word for my post; it is so good that I am not in a country of a dictator who runs Caracas.)

What about supply and purchasing?  In my location — you can just call this city "Dar" — many Arabs add to urban culinary options.  Spicy Sichuan food is also around, and Indian food is common.  Why not?  D falls downward to a rightward slant.  Spicy food in Dar costs not so much.  Transport of a spicy stuff or two costs virtually nothing.  Call it proximity, or is "spatial" a good word too?  "Marginal cost" also has not this bad sign, which again I must avoid in this blog post.

So, marginal cost is low for this spicy stuff.  Now, S can fly rightwards in an upward slant, almost flat, but low low low.

I can put two flying slants synchronously.  Right?  Labor cost is low also.  Monopoly is common in Dar but not for my mouth and stomach.  P is jointly with marginal cost and for moi this spicy stuff is a Traum, of which I gnaw, swallow, chow, finish, grub down, polish off, run through, put away, and dispatch.

Now you try!


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