Gone With the Wind: The Perfect Book?

It is too perfect.  It is light, compact, has decent-sized print, and presumably, even if the story is not great, it would hold my attention on a long plane trip.

That is why I have never read it.  I am saving it up for the worst plane trip of my life.  As long as I have never read this book, I feel protected against the prospect of that plane trip.

I’ve brought the book on this trip, but I’m not sure I’ll crack the first page.  Its liquidity premium is simply too high.


To ensure it is indeed the best worst-plane-trip-ever book, why not read the first 10 pages? Or is there too great a risk of being unable to stop?

As God is my witness, I shall never go hungry (for books) again?

Reminds me of my love-hate relationship with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence :D !

This was a beautiful blog post. Thank you for this.

Thank you. I thought I was the only nut who does this. I have been wanting to re-read Clavell's Noble House for over a decade, but I am saving it for that one terrible plane trip - maybe even to China

Hey thats what i usually do on my trips.I keep with me the most talked
about titles so that i can worth credit these books when i am bored.

Honestly, pick another lightweight classic to read, because Gone With the Wind is just too good to leave lying in a carry-on bag. It's my favorite book.

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