Markets in everything — roundup edition

1. $1 million for prostitutes who will out their Congressional customers 

2. Getting you through phone links to a real human being

3. Or rent a new credit score

4. Blockbuster movies backed by bonds

5. Insurance against losing your Michelin star

What a day.  Hail Gerard Debreu!  Hail the MR readers who sent these in!  I didn’t even have to pay them…


Actually, Tyler, #1 doesn't require that you be a prostitute. It just requires that you be willing to discuss your encounters - presumably, being a good old-fashioned adulteress would be just fine with Mr. Flynt.

I'm confused by Tyler's choice of the word prostitute. The article doesn't mention anything about prostitutes, and getting paid to reveal secrets about sex isn't the same as getting paid for sex.

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