Final Comments + Thanks

To all of you who have responded to my posting on Marginal Revolution, many thanks. I have enjoyed the dialogue and the sparring.  All of us, I believe, have our country’s interests at heart even though we may come at these issues from different perspectives. My purpose in writing The Price of Liberty – which, as I have noted in several postings is a quote from Hamilton about Revolutionary War debt and not about the Iraq War – was to trace the history of wartime financing from the Revolution through the War on Terrorism to see what we can learn from the past and how we can do things better. I think even those who have taken issue with me about the current set of policy issues will enjoy the history contained in the book.  I hope that whatever you think, you will let me know your thoughts, your comments and your criticisms. I hope you at least find it interesting – even if there are parts of it you disagree with.

Thanks again to Marginal Revolution for hosting me as a guest blogger this week.

Warm regards,

Bob Hormats

author of The Price of Liberty


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